Special Wireless Activity Team is among the Persenk Ultra’s partners since its first edition in 2013. Their main assignment is to ensure flawless communication between the Coordination center and refreshment checkpoints, and runners’ real time tracking and their route safety as well.
SWAT.BG is a non-profit organization with main focus to be of society’s benefit by establishing information and radio-communication system for assistance in emergency circumstances (disasters, accidents, crashes) and humanitarian aid if necessary. One of their priorities is to organize and coordinate all kind of activities to promote the ham radio hobby between youngsters in Bulgaria in order to perfect their technical, cultural and sports competences.
The MSS Offroad Association Team has one of the most demanding tasks during Persenk Ultra 2015 - ensuring the ultramarathon’s route and helping runners who are unable to finish their race or in some way have encountered an accident in the mountains.
The MSS Offroad Association is established in 2012. It is the successor of Mobile Rescue Service issued from Offroad Forum Bulgaria, developped originally with the purpose for assistance between colleagues. Subsequently grew into rescue service with general-purpose and specialized in rescue operations in inaccessible areas and harsh environments. Basically solving rescuing transport tasks, in cooperation with other similar units.
MSS helps you where others fail!
Sport Box - Salomon - MTK
Sport Box is one of the biggest sporting goods distributors in Bulgaria, well known by its chain of stores having the same trademark. The company is the official representative of Rip Curl, Salomon, Crocs, Spyder, Prince, and Briko.
Ambelino is a perfectly recognizable trademark of original pastry and sweet products and their main distributor for the city regions of Plovdiv, Haskovo, Stara Zagora, Pazardzhik, Smolyan, Karlovo and Kazanlak.
Vino Culture is the name of wine and its rituals and culture team of experts in the town of Plovdiv. In their wine store and bar, they offer wide range of highly renowned wines from different wine regions, which is constantly growing.