Persenk Ultra 2017
12/10/2016 18:23
Dear friends,
We are pleased to announce that the fifth anniversary edition Persenk Ultra 2017 will take place on 18 -20 August 2017. Тhe registration will be open on 5th January 2017, 00:00h (GMT+2). Be prepared for nice surprises.

Persenk Ultra 2016 Programme
10/08/2016 15:23
Persenk Ultra 2016 Programme

10/08/2016 15:10
For their best performance and successful participation runners in Persenk Ultra 160K and Wildboar Ultra 110K are allowed to be accompanied by pacers for the route from Orehovo village to the finish line in Asenovgrad. We wish you all a good luck!

Posts where transportation to the final will be provided for runners who quit the race
10/08/2016 15:12
To the attention of participants in Persenk Ultra 160K and Wildboar Ultra110K!
The new routes require new organization of transportation of participants, who for one reason or another cannot continue their participation in the race. Therefore, please note that the only posts of which a transportation will be provided for these athletes are:
1. Post in the Yugovo village
2. Post in the Orehovo village
3. Post at the Wonder Bridges
4. Post in Byala cherkva
Please carefully estimate your condition and capabilities and move on your own to any of these posts, so that we can provide assistance for you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Ultra 2016!
28/12/2015 16:01

The start of Persenk Ultra and Orehovo ultra is postponed for 6.00 a.m. on Saturday morning, August 22.
21/08/2015 23:02
Dear participants,
Due the continuing heavy rains and with regard of maximal safety of our participants, the start of Persenk Ultra and Orehovo ultra is postponed for 6.00 a.m. on Saturday morning, August 22. Please present yourself at the start line not later than 5.30 a.m.
We are doing our best efforts to organize the event in the favorable conditions. Thank you for your kind understanding!

Please sign your Declaration for participation
19/08/2015 15:32
Please read carefully the Accident Waiver and Release of Liability, sign it, and bring it with you at the Registration desk in the competition’s Coordination Centre.

Top quality isotonic drink for all
19/08/2015 15:32
Our partners from Squeezy Sports Nutrition  Bulgaria will help your better performance through their sports drink at Orehovo check-point. The rest of the products you can find at the Start/ Finish line.

Preferential accommodation rates during Persenk Ultra 2015 offered by Hotel Sani
11/05/2015 18:37
We are pleased to announce that all participants in the race events will have preferential accommodation rates at Hotel Complex Sani of 27 BGN price per bed in double room per night. The hotel offers high standard of services, and a modern SPA center, necessary for the good pre and after race recovery.
For reservations, please directly go to the hotel at:

The Leader in veino-muscular compression products Compressport is supporting Persenk Ultra 2015
07/05/2015 12:19
Another good news for Persenk Ultra’s 2015 participants comes from the team of Compressport Bulgaria. The Compressport, Sign & Icebug brands representative will offer to all registered participants in three Persenk Ultra races a 20% discount of all products at their exhibition booth. All winners in different races will receive special discount vouchers’ and prizes.
For more details about Compressport Bulgaria, please refer to section Partners.

News from the refreshment checkpoints preparation
29/04/2015 12:17
For Persenk Ultra 2015 at the refreshment checkpoint on Mount Baba there will be two masseurs on disposal to all participants in Persenk Ultra and Orehovo Ultra. For everybody’s good mood, there will be a Rhodope bagpipe player as well. At the Orehovo checkpoint, all runners will have the opportunity to enjoy a pool filled with ice for their legs recovery.

We are welcoming MSS Offroad Association among Persenk Ultra’s partners
26/03/2015 12:16
At the end of March MSS Offroad Association has joined the club of Persenk Ultra’s partners. We approached them because of their focus and specialized teams in providing transport for people in, inaccessible areas, in bad weather conditions or in crises, in search and rescue operations etc. They will be entrusted with route ensuring and transportation of runners, who are unable to continue their race or suffering some kind of crisis in the mountains.
The MSS Offroad crew will join forces with our partners from SWAT.BG. For more details, please refer to section Partners.

19/03/2015 18:44
Dear friends,
We are happy to announce that the start of the third edition of Persenk Ultra and the second edition of Orehovo Ultra will be at 00:00 on 22nd of August 2015.
For more information please refer to the updated Schedule.
For registrations please click here.

Video from the Wander bridges
10/09/2014 15:14
Video from the Wander bridges